How to increase revenues: automatic annuities

How to increase revenues: automatic annuities

How to increase revenues: automatic annuities

Create more income, without having to spend your time to obtain it

How to increase revenues: automatic annuities

In the book One Million for my Daughter , trader Pietro Di Lorenzo shows the benefits of periodic savings and investments. To do so, he focuses on how to cut costs and increase the amount of money coming into the house. The objective being, of course, a boost to periodic savings and possibly also the standard of living.

  1. Diversification

For those who can spend hours in professions other than their main one, the advice is to increase and diversify income by implementing a parallel activity that provides a flexible time commitment.

It is necessary to enhance one’s talent and knowledge, making them available to others in the time that we do not want to devote to relaxation. For example, if you have a musical talent, you could give lessons (physical or online) on an instrument; if you have a flair for sport, you could be a personal trainer in a public park; with computer skills, you could provide support for computer hardware problems; if you have marketing knowledge, you could create online promotional campaigns or write copywriting texts.

The solutions are many, the common denominator must be the growth: enhancing it with the perception of a salary, you will have created additional opportunities to increase income.

  1. Automatic annuities

If, on the other hand, you already have a job that occupies you ten or twelve hours a day, it will be difficult for you to find more time to produce income. You can try to play the pay raise card with your boss, or work a few more hours of overtime. Anyway, the time you can devote to work is limited and you will not be able to increase your income more than a certain level.

If this were your case, then the only way is to create more constant financial income, without having to spend your time to obtain it.

There are several possibilities, here are the five most popular ones:

  1. buy a property and put it to income;
  2. build a business that runs itself;
  3. do network marketing;
  4. create products that acknowledge copyrights (e-books, product info, books, and more);
  5. invest in the financial markets.

To know more about how to increase income and periodic savings read One Million for my Daughter.






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