What turns the Wheel of Life?

What turns the Wheel of Life?

What turns the Wheel of Life?

Meaning: how can we improve our current situation into something better?

What turns the Wheel of Life?

Imagine your life as a wheel, divided into ten areas, or sectors. What would happen if one of the areas stops working? Are there consequences for your wellbeing? Think about the wheel of a car: if it were to deflate at one point, the car would be affected and would struggle to move. The single areas of our life work in the same way: neglected aspects of life negatively affect the performance and well-being of the whole system.

To put this in other words, different areas of our lives are all interconnected and well-being is given by the overall balance. Just to give you an example, one might be financially fulfilled and yet have an overall unhappy life. At the same time, it is possible to live a rewarding existence, even if your finances are not that good.

Nevertheless, we must ask ourselves, what turns the wheel of life? Meaning: how can we improve our current situation into something better?

All of us, caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, often don’t have a clear idea of the direction life is taking. How can we transform vague desires into concrete goals, simple intentions into structured projects?

Tips and tricks

One trick is to analyze the so called 3 wheels of life (the wheel of the past, the wheel of the present and the wheel of the future) and structure a plan for the futures that’s consistent with where we are at and with where we want to be in 3-5 years from now.

To do so, you have to assign a grade to each area of the wheel, namely, body, health, vitality; emotions; environment, material goods; personal growth; leisure; family; social life; work, career; finances, savings, investments; spirit, personal mission, contribution to the world. This will help you visualize how you’d like your life to be in the future, as compered to how it is now, and to how it was.

Consequently, you’ll have to improve the areas where you have assigned a low grade and maintain stability in those where you expressed satisfaction.

In the book One Million for my Daughter we will focus on the “finance/savings/investments” area. To do so, we’ll focus on assets size, the relationship with money, the ability to manage money, save it and invest it. Then, we’ll see how you can improve your wellbeing in this area by implementing an investing strategy over the long run.

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