Gamification: investing in the trend has never been easier

Gamification: investing

Gamification: investing in the trend has never been easier

With this long term strategy

Gamification: investing in the trend has never been easier

With the upkeep and acceleration of technological advancement, new instruments and software will create a complexity that will be increasingly difficult to manage in the workplace, especially in developed countries.

This is a fact – and it could have many consequences. First and foremost a requalification of the workforce. Then, there is another phenomenon that could catch on (more than it already has). We refer to gamification.

The need for simplicity, mobility and accessibility are indeed the main drivers for the creation of a new discipline that can make technology ‘gamified’ so that it can be used by everyone.

What is ‘gamification’?

Gamification can be seen as a new element in the technological revolution, which can change the way people interact with technology and the way it is integrated with the current needs of the global economy and society.

The term gamification does not therefore refer to the creation of games. Rather, it refers to the possibility of extending the gamification component to all production chains (and beyond). The use of gamification in government, business and academic sectors is helping to raise gamification to unprecedented levels. Here are some predictions:

  • 75% of the global workforce by 2025 will be millennials, a generation raised on bread, computers and video games. So, gamification in the workplace will definitely have more appeal;
  • the use of technology in schools around the world will continue to grow. Currently 48% of students use desktops in the classroom, 42% use smartphones, 33% use interactive whiteboards and 20% use tablets. These devices will support the continuing trend of gamification in education.

The gamification trend might reveal itself to be also a vital boost for investments. If you would like to know more about how to exploit trends to optimize your investments, here’s a book for you:


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