Money: investment opportunities to reach the million

Money: investment opportunities

Money: investment opportunities to reach the million

Discover the world of mega trends

Money: investment opportunities to reach the million

In order to find the best investment opportunities in the financial markets, we must have a clear understanding of how the world works, and where we are at.

Without much preamble, we are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution. This gives us a hint on why it might be more profitable to bet on Mega Trends, rather than traditional stock indexes, when paving our way towards the million.

Discover a very profitable theme in investing

A Mega Trend is a driving force in the development of human activity. It brings with it profound long-term changes. And, as it is shown in the book One Million for my Daughter , Mega Trends are a profitable theme in investing, when it comes to accumulation plans.

If you’ve ever played with dominoes, you’ll be familiar with the cascading effect. Gently move one piece and you will have moved all the others.

This process of cause and effect works the same way in society and business: when global forces take hold, their effects are deeply intertwined with financial markets.

And that’s exactly why focusing on Mega Trends is not only valuable in times of financial and economic crisis, but also effective from an investment perspective.

To put it in other words, the world will adapt to these trends and so should our portfolios; keeping an eye on the horizon and appreciating the breadth of opportunities that trends offer, the inter-connectivity and potential effects on everything we do, can help investors benefit from their value.

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