Mega Trends: investing in the future

Mega Trends: investing

Mega Trends: investing in the future

By anticipating what it will look like

Mega Trends: investing in the future

The world is increasingly complex, connected, and evolving. It’s not easy to get your bearings, especially if you’re somewhat attached to how things were, rather than excited about how things may be.

The compass

To build profitable investments you don’t need a magic wand, you just need a compass to understand where North is. The compass being long lasting trends, also known as Mega Trends.

A Mega Trend is a driving force in the development of human activity. It brings with it profound long-term changes. Administrative centralization, the abandoning of rural areas, and the generalization of wage labor are a few well-documented examples of trends that gave birth to our modernity.

How to identify Mega Trends

Identifying current Mega Trends is a means of anticipating what our future will look like. The demographic and social changes, economic shifts, technological breakthroughs, and environmental challenges of our time are spreading at an unprecedented pace. Because they require adaptations across all sectors and by all members of society (governments, businesses, individuals), they indicate where value creation will take place in the near future.

A few examples

Global population growth, the emergence of new economic powers, the development of artificial intelligence, and resource scarcity rank among the obvious Mega Trends whose impact for the future can already be quantified.

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