Smart goals: a mini-guide towards financial success

Smart goals

Smart goals: a mini-guide towards financial success

Roll up your sleeves and improve your financial skills

Smart goals: a mini-guide towards financial success

Prevention is important. We are taught so very early, since we are kids. However, very few of us engage in activities for prevention. This is true in health matters, as well as in financial matters. Have you ever had friends, with significant incomes, who go broke over unfortunate but predictable events? How many times have you heard of people who stumbled into financial scams through ignorance and greed? Have you ever wondered how many assets are squandered through inexperience?

Why does it happen?

The main reason lies in lack of financial education. Talking about money is still, in many circumstance, a taboo. As a consequence, people are never equipped with the rudiments of personal finance necessary to administrate money.

Practical things to do

The first step towards financial success is education. Nobody is going to solve your money issues for you. So, roll up your sleeves and improve your financial skills.

By reading the book A Million for My Daughter, you’ll gain the basic skills and knowledge to plan your family’s financial future. In fact, the book suggestions apply to anyone who wants to build solid capital for the years ahead, whether it’s for their children or their dreams.

We will start with the formulation of goals, move on to the identification of the actions necessary to achieve them and finally turn all these steps into routines so simple that you will forget they even exist.

We are not talking about …

… accumulating as much money as possible to keep under the mattress. Rather, this is a book on financial wellbeing and success. We’ll see how you can shape your dreams into reality. Concretely.

Goal ≠ dream

The first step consists in this: you have to transform your dream into a goal. What’s the difference, you may ask yourself. Well, the difference between a dream and a goal is that the dream has no deadline, the goal does.

This book was born with a goal: one million euros for my daughter. This is not a a sterile wish, but a well-defined target that we can reach with daily concrete actions.

That is way our goals have to be “smart”, both “intelligent” and in reference with the acronym S.M.A.R.T. The acronym was coined in 1954 by Peter Druker, theorist of the philosophy of business management MBO (Management by Objectives), and included the following concepts:

  • S = Specific;
  • M = Measurable;
  • A = Achievable;
  • R = Realistic;
  • T = Time-based.

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Pietro Di Lorenzo